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Military and Veteran Applicants

Silhouette of soldiers.

Our online program focusing on data science and applied economics has the flexibility and support built in to help either active service people move up the ranks or veterans transition into new civilian work.

We are pleased to offer further benefits through the university to help you through the application process. Virginia Tech has a long military history and is one of only six schools in the U.S. classified as a Senior Military College. As such, we offer the following benefits to interested applicants with a military background:

  • Application fee waiver valued at up to $90
  • Student Affairs specialist available to liaise with VA on your behalf
  • Post-9/11 is welcome
  • Financial Aid specialist available to assist you
  • Alumni and current students available to speak with you about their experience

Please contact our Graduate Program Coordinator, Normand Adams, for additional information about support for military students.